May 8, 2017 – Causes of Secession


  • Do Now
  • Good News
  • Cause of Secession Reading/Writing
  • Wrap Up

I Can:

  • Outline the grievances of the secessionist states
  • Explain the cause of the Civil War


  • Complete the Secessionist reading assignment and answer the three questions on the reflection sheet. Due Friday.

Vocabulary Words:

  • None this week

Day in Review:

Today began with a short vocabulary builder exercise. When discussed in class the perceptions students had regarding why the Civil War was fought. We then looked at the status of Free and Slave states in 1860 when the crisis began. Finally, we read the secessionist documents from South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, and Virginia and filled in a graphic organizer chart. Students were given reflection questions to answer for homework (due on Friday). Anything not finished in class is homework, due on Friday.Map of the U.S.

Assignments and Resources:


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