3/16/17 – Athens & Sparta


  • Do Now
  • Good News
  • Athens and Sparta Venn Diagram
  • Finish Citizenship Poster
  • Wrap Up

I Can:

  • Compare and contrast life in ancient Athens and Sparta


  • Write a journal entry from the point of a view of a citizen of Athens or Sparta. The entry should describe what life is like in the city that they have picked Due Tuesday

Vocabulary Words:

  • cavalry, comedy, drama, fable, Hellenistic era, myth, oracle, oral tradition, ritual, tragedy

Day in Review:

Today was started by working with our weekly vocabulary words, matching definitions to the words. As always, these words will be the ones on the quiz this Friday.  We then returned to our work on Athens and Sparta.  Students took out their Venn diagram, and a list of ideas and concepts from ancient Greece. With a partner student looked over the information on pages 183-189 in their textbook and identify each item to determine where it fits on the Venn diagram. Students were also given time to complete their Greek citizenship poster they began previously.

Assignments and Resources:


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