1/10/17 – The Constitution Outline


  • Do Now
  • New Year Expectations
  • Outline Notes
  • Good NEws
  • Wrap Up

I Can:

  • Describe the compromises reached at the Constitutional Convention
  • Describe the details of the multiple proposed plans

Day in Review:

Students will have a vocabulary quiz next week that covers the vocabulary words from the end of Chapter 8. Our Do Now was to identify the words and find their definitions.  The words are: federalism, legislative, executive, judicial branch, electoral college, amendment, checks and balances.  Once we finished discussing the definitions and the format for the vocabulary quiz, we briefly discussed the expectations for classroom conduct and the ways students can be successful. We ended  by creating an outline and writing down notes using page 187-199 in the text book.

Assignments and Resources:

Our assignment today was to read pages 187-199 in the textbook and create an outline of information.  We used the sections of the book as guides for the sections of our outline.  Students then read each section and wrote down the key facts from each section.  If students did not complete the assignment they were assigned to do it as homework, due on Thursday.


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