12/15/16 – Mesopotamia Notes


  • Do Now
  • Good News
  • Afterlife Reading
  • Afterlife Pamphlet
  • Wrap Up

I Can:

  • Discuss life in ancient Mesopotamian.

Day in Review:

ANNOUNCMENT: Quiz will be next Monday on Mesopotamia.

Class began with a practice test from Quizlet for the vocabulary words. After the quiz students took notes on Mesopotamia.

Assignments and Resources:

Students took notes on Mesopotamia.  Students should study for the test which will be next week on Monday.  I suggest practicing vocabulary words on Quizlet, as well as studying materials we’ve done this unit located in student binders. Below is also an additional video from Crash Course.  We did not watch this in class, however it provides some good information that students may find helpful.



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