12/6/16 – Jobs in Mesopotamia


  • Do Now
  • Good News
  • Jobs Activity
  • Women in Mesopotamia Reading
  • Wrap Up

I Can:

  • Describe the type of jobs that Mesopotamian people held.
  • Discuss the role of women in Mesopotamia

Day in Review:

Today we looked at daily life in Mesopotamia. We investigated jobs that people held in Mesopotamia, many are jobs we still do today.  Students also got a reading about the role of women in Mesopotamia, specifically how they are treated in Hammurabi’s code.

Assignments and Resources:

Students received a list of Jobs in Mesopotamia.  Individually they were to try and identify at least three that are still done today, and one that they have never heard of. Once complete as a class we created a list on the board of the jobs that are still done today and a list of jobs that the class didn’t know.  Once complete students were asked to create a Help Wanted Ad for one of these jobs. Students first wrote a draft copy, then using construction paper, markers, or other tools created a final copy to be turned in. Final ads are due Monday 12/12.


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