10/28/16 – The French and Indian War


I Can:

  • Discuss the legacy of the French and Indian war on the colonies


Our Unit I test is scheduled for next Tuesday, November 1.  Be sure to study, using your study guide, as well as the Quizlet study set.

Day in Review:

Today started class with a video on the Quakers and the Dutch in what is now New York.  We then completed a map that showed the political landscape in North America in the 1750s and outlined holdings by the French, British, and Native Americans.  We then watched a video looking at the French and Indian War, followed by notes on the war.

Assignments and Resources:

Students were given a blank map of North America and asked to color in the areas controlled by the British, French, Native Americans, as well as label forts and lands that are relevant to the French and Indian War.  Students then took notes on the French and Indian War. Special thanks to Susan Pojer, who created this excellent PowerPoint on the French and Indian War.  Resources provided are:


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