10/26/16 – Colonial Economy


I Can:

  • Explain how colonist reacted to British economic policies
  • Analyze British trade policies on the colonial economy


Our Unit I test is scheduled for next Tuesday, November 1.  Be sure to study, using your study guide, as well as the Quizlet study set.

Day in Review:

Today we discussed how the economic policies of the British affected colonial lives, and how colonists responded to these policies.  We started with a short video regarding the interactions between the British and the Native Americans.  We then read chapter 4 section two and answered a few questions about the reading.  When completed students were asked to write a short speech about trade policies in the colonies.

Assignments and Resources:

Students were instructed to read chapter 4, section 2 of the book and answer the following questions:

  • Define Mercantilism
  • Where did the colonist get their ideas and attitudes about government? (cite at least 2 documents)
  • How did colonists react to British economic policies?

Once they had completed the reading and answered the questions students were asked to write a speech from the perspective of a merchant. In the speech they urged colonists to support the idea of free trade with countries other than Britain.  Students were asked to outline why the current British policy was bad for colonists, and how a free trade policy would benefit them.

Resources provided are:


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