10/24/16 – Slave Narrative Reading


  • Do Now
  • Good News
  • Slave Narrative Reading Activity
  • Wrap Up

I Can:

  • Describe the experiences of slaves on the middle passage
  • Evaluate how slave narratives influence readers


Our Unit I test is scheduled for next Tuesday, November 1.  Be sure to study, using your study guide, as well as the Quizlet study set.  Students were also given a guided reading packet and vocabulary builder packets for chapter 4 to complete before next Tuesday’s test.

Day in Review:

Today we looked at a slave narrative written by Olaudah Equiano.  Students once completed with the reading then individually wrote a written response, or mini essay, about the slave reading addressing a few questions relating to how the author was able to portray the hardship of the middle passage and how people responded to it.

Assignments and Resources:

Students were given a small portion of The Interesting Narrative of the Lie of Olaudah Equiano.  Students were allowed to work with a partner to answer the questions on their reading guide worksheet.  Once finished with the reading and with completed worksheets students were asked to individually write a response to three questions: how the author was able to display the horrors of the middle passage, how readers may have responded to this document when it was published, and then their personal reflections on the reading.  Many students were able to complete the assignment, however some students were not complete and have until Friday to turn in their response. Resources provided are:


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