10/17/16 – Foraging in the Paleolithic


  • Do Now
  • Good News
  • Paleolithic History Video
  • Foraging Reading Activity
  • Foraging Menu Activity
  • Wrap Up

I Can:

  • Define and explain the importance of foraging
  • I can create a menu from foraged foods

Day in Review:

We began class with a discussion of what foraging is and the challenges that foragers may have with finding good, such as not always finding what we want or need, having to travel long distances to get enough, or some items being unavailable due to seasons.  We then watched a short video from the Big History Project called “How Did The First Humans Survive” in section 6.3.  Unfortunately I can not link to the video as of yet due to technical limitations with the source and the website hosting this site.

Following the video we in small groups or partners we read a short document on foraging and answered the attached worksheet.  Once we had an understanding on what foraging is, in the same small groups then created a menu a restaurant that relies on foraging might create.

Assignments and Resources:

In partners or small groups students were given a copy of the foraging reading document and the reading worksheet.  Students then read the document and answered the questions from the worksheet.  Student then used their Hunter-Gather Menu worksheet to create a menu for their own forager restaurant.  Students must pay careful attention to the season and location of their restaurant to ensure the items they wish to use are available (for example, no pineapple if your restaurant is located in Michigan).  If groups had not finished their menu by the end of class they were asked to divide the work up and complete it as homework.  Resources provided are:


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