10/11/16 – Paleolithic Advances


  • Do Now
  • Good News
  • 15 Facts Review
  • Paleolithic Advances Poster
  • Wrap Up

I Can:

  • Evaluate important advances during the Paleolithic Age
  • I can explain the major advances made during the Paleolithic Age

Day in Review:

We began class by reviewing the 15 facts homework. We then discussed some of the major advances made during the early stone age.  Students were then given a direction sheet that included a rubric and some overview information regarding these advances.  Students in partners or small groups then produced a poster promoting an advancement of their selection.

Assignments and Resources:

In partners or small groups students were given a copy of the instruction sheet, rubric, and overview of major advances during the Paleolithic Age.  Students then picked one of the advancements and created a promotional poster that highlights the advancement and explains the benefits to the Paleolithic people.  Resources provided are:


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