10/4/16 – Reading Strategies


  • Do Now
  • Good News
  • Vocabulary Review
  • Colonial Reading Activity
  • Wrap Up

I Can:

  • Define key vocabulary terms
  • Utilize reading strategies to understand texts

Day in Review:

We began class by reviewing the vocabulary terms.  Students shared their definitions with the class and we discussed the terms to ensure they found the correct definitions. Following the review of the vocabulary terms students were given a print out of a section of the book to use to help student develop reading strategies.  Often historical texts can be confusing so students were asked to identify information that they didn’t understand or find confusing.  Students were also asked to start thinking like historians by determining what historical questions they could develop to lead to further research.  Anything students were unable to complete was assigned as homework.

Assignments and Resources:

Individually students were given a copy of a section of the textbook.  Students were asked to highlight anything they understood in one color, and anything they didn’t understand or found confusing in another color.  Students were then asked to circle any words that they did not know.  Next, students were asked to underline three facts and interpret those facts by linking it to prior knowledge or something relatable in their lives. Finally, students were asked to come up with three historical questions. These questions should be what they may ask if they were to do further research or would be what the next steps or events might be. Resources provided are:


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