10/3/16 – Policy Update


  • Do Now
  • Good News
  • Policy and Procedure Review
  • Study Guide Vocabulary
  • Wrap Up

I Can:

  • Demonstrate my knowledge of procedures
  • Define key vocabulary terms

Day in Review:

The first portion of class was devoted to a review of classroom policy and procedures.  Following the review students were given their unit I study guide.  We went over the guide and learned how the guides would be used and what students would need to do to prepare for the unit tests.  The final portion of class was used to begin defining the key terms for the unit.

Assignments and Resources:

Individually students began looking up the key terms from their Unit I Study Guide.  Using the textbook glossary will provide the best definitions, however students may also use a dictionary or online resources (at home) to determine the definitions. Resources provided are:


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